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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Friday 26th November 2021

This week in Forest school all our rangers have been busy Den Building, Making art work with natural resources such as autumn leaves found in our beautiful field and they had an introduction to tools where most had a chance to whittle a stick.

Unfortunately, this week not everyone had the chance but this activity will be available next week so everyone will have the opportunity. The artwork, as always, blew Ranger Carly and myself away with such fabulous creations! Den builders are so confident with their structures built in a group with no adult support.

This is absolutely fabulous as each week we see them try new things, new locations and sometimes try to recreate previous dens! Such lovely teamwork and problem-solving skills being witness by us. The tools were very exciting to introduce as all children sensibly listened and perfectly followed the rules of using them. We created a 'blood bubble' for the children to work in with only Ranger Carly and myself when using tools. We started by having a glove to protect their non-writing hand and using potato peelers in their writing hands to whittle the end of the stick into a point. Some children found this a challenge on their hands and some picked it up really quickly but all were proud of their achievements. This is an excellent activity to build their fine manipulative skills which will in time help with the development with their writing. 

All rangers could really feel that winter is just around the corner as the afternoons were chilly even though the sun did pop out to say hello. So, it's important to make sure they continue to come suitably dressed as we go out in all weathers! The only exception would be strong winds and a thunder storm. 

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