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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School

Monday 18th September 2023

We have had a great first few weeks at school!  

We have been incredibly busy learning all about what it means to be a member of Monkey Class!  

All of the children have contributed to our own classroom rules using positives rather than ‘no’s’ and ‘don’ts’ we tried to think of things we can do that are positive alternatives such as having kind hands, feet and words and what that looks like in our classroom. We introduced the ‘team blocks’ and learnt what being a class/team means. The children decided on how they could get team blocks for example good tidying, choosing, using and putting away, sitting beautifully, listening to our friends, being kind, lining up when asked, listening to adults and many other things. 

 All the children decided on 2 rewards they would like when we have all 9 team blocks in our jar. 

We are currently working towards a mini disco, so far, they have earned 3 blocks.   

I am so impressed with how well the children have settled into school. 


Please don’t be alarmed if your child seems a little less enthusiastic to come into school in the coming weeks. This is completely normal during the first weeks of reception. They are learning a huge amount during this time and it is a very big adjustment both mentally and physically. This will ease once they are fully settled in and used to the demands of ‘big school’. I would like to reassure you that your child’s well-being is my main concern during this time and will be actively doing all I can to make sure they are happy and content when in school. If you have any concerns, please come and speak to me at the end of the day. The morning can be a very busy time making it a little tricky to have those important conversations at the door. If you feel there is something I should know for the day ahead, please send it with your child in a note or email the main office and they will let me know!  

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