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Kymbrook Primary School

Kymbrook Primary School


At Kymbrook Primary we aim to give our children a rich and varied experience of music, which engages and inspires them.

Music is taught within classes and is largely based on the ‘Music Express’ scheme. This scheme includes opportunities for learning new songs, building in complexity as voice control develops, listening and appraising music and simple composition tasks.

We sign up to Music for Bedford Borough events, particularly their Sing On programme, which our Year 3 and 4 children take part in each year. For 10 weeks, a specialist singing teacher visits to teach our children a range of songs. They then take part in a massed choir during a concert at the Bedford Corn Exchange. Moving forward we aim to also take up a whole class instrumental lesson for Year 3 and 4 children every other year. In the past the children have had lessons in ukulele and drumming.

A peripatetic music teacher from the Bedford Music Cooperative visits weekly to teach pupils on the violin and piano. We currently have 14 pupils who take up these lessons.

All pupils take part in whole school/Key stage singing events, including a Harvest Festival, Christmas play, Christingle service and from summer 2020 a KS2 summer production.

Wherever possible we invite professional musicians in to perform for our children. By doing this we aim to inspire our pupils and help them realise that music is something to be enjoyed by us all.

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